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Default Re: The Immigration Debate in the United States

Originally Posted by
exactly. I came here, and I am now legal, so like. Well, it's difficult. I mean, it's hard to get accepted into a country, but at the same time, sometimes you need to get away from where you ar,e or you need to get into a certain country. I don't support illegal immigration, but yet, I have to understand it, as I've been there.

EDIT: I MUST add that I think if you come to a country, you need to speak the language/ languages CLEARLY and understandably. I'm tired of going to the fucking coffee shop and the person behind the counter doesn't know what "tea" means.
Thats the french they don't count!!
ur to close to Quebec!
poor bastard
I hope Jill duceppe is shot on parlament hill for high treason right infront of peace tower
just ta make it funny
rip my country apart I don't fuckin think so!

Seriously though in Western Canada anyway (i cant speak for eastern never really been there) I can't see anyone being treated diffrently because there from england, ireland, south korea, etc..
Nobody cares as long as you can speak english it dosen't matter accents aren't a problem really
Most of BRITISH Columbia seriously is either from the UK or South Korea
Alberta's screaming so desperatly for workers they dont care if ur green n 4ft tall aslong as u want a job

williams right though as long as your there LEGALLY then welcome!!!
if your here illegaly then please let the door slam u in the ass on the way out!
That simple

I don't think America does duel citizenship though which kinda sucks cause i'd like to be a duel citizen with america and canada..meh
like theres allot of Canadian immigrants that are duel citizens with like Canada and England for example

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