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Default Re: What kind of drugs do you do?

I've done an awful lot of drugs, enjoyed most of them at the time, but realise now it wasnt the best idea.

Speed - helped me concentrate ant felt kinda good/buzzy (was addicted for a year along with ice). left me with many side effects such as paranoia and itching
Ice - made sex feel amazing and general euphoria,
MDMA crystal - Felt amazing, almost pleasureable, immense euphoria (only done it twice
MDA/MDMA/PMA ETC. Pills - i like the get up and go kinda feeling i get with these and how it amplifies my emotions.

Depressants -
just alcohol and such, perhaps if u could class pot as a depressant? but that fits more in the halucinigens category

Halucinigens (by far my favourite)
DMT (Diemethyltryptamine) - this is the drug in ur head that produces dreams when u sleep. when i smoked it i went through an extreme lucid dream while i was awake, i saw anything i imagined and felt like i was having an orgasm for 20 mins (thats how long the trip lasts)
LSD-25 (acid) - one of the most amazing drugs ever, i take it so i can forget my problems and feel like a kid again, it helps everything disappear and the universe make sense, even if only for ten hours. BEST ESCAPE EVER
Mushrooms (golden caps, havent tried blue meanies yet) - in my opinion one of the most visualy enhancing trips ive had, stared at a cup of ice for an hour watching 'a city get built'
LSA(hawaiian baby woodrose seeds) - did not trip at all although alot of my friends have and they rather enjoy it for a free drug

and in asnswer too why i take them? they help me escape from this painnful reality even if only for a short period of time, and each time is a new experience which leaves me with a new perception on life.......... plus they feel great
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