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Default Re: Religion

I'm not really fussed over religion anymore.
You can either spend a life time worrying about it, spend your life devout to a god which you have faith in, or spend your life doing what you want, not caring about whether or not it'll land you in eternal damnation...

Personally, I was raised a Christian (Pentecostal), but I have an extremely open mind.
I'm not sure if I'd spend my life at a church, or at a temple... but... Yea...
Not my problem.
The bible drops ALOT of hints that we were made in "gods" image... and that he creatred adam and eve... but what if that image was your MINDS and MENTAL capability? That would allow us to change over time and evolve over the other species. Making Science and Religion work together.

The Qu'ran (spelling?) is similar to the bible.
The bible spends alot of time flaming the devil.
The Satanic Bible spends a very small proportion talking about God...
Wicca is nice. I like its concept, same with Budhism, if you nice to people, people will be nice to you. works out well.


Boom! You scream as the light hits you
It radiates throughout your whole soul
Boom! The pain is clarity, it cleanses
And if it still fucking hurts
Then you still fucking know,
That you are still alive
That you are still in control, if you'd only take hold
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