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Default Re: I'm confused about my sex....:Re: Your requested advice...

Hi swimmer girl!,

I don't know your name...I wish I did, I think we could be good friends swimmer girl, I hope u dont mind if I call you u?

I give pet names to everyone.

I Just want to help you, to get to know you as a person, and a as a friend.
Can you trust someone, without any preconceived ideas of fears?
If u can, I can help u...kk?
You are and were correct in telling your mom about your feelings, she was wrong in her response to you. Parents sometimes react that way, Im not sure why.
Im sure part of it is that she felt that SHE did something wrong with your upbringing. And many other feelings and issues as well went through her brain when you told her of your feelings .
It was a fairly normal response, comsidering what was being discussed.
Sex, and gender issues and close interpersonal issues always bring forth complicated feelings and responses from people who we love and have invested heavily with. You know that.

I hope you will msg me back, as I think I can really help.
Even if it's just in talking with you, giving you feedback, and ideas on how to deal with the feelings your having right now.
We can address anything you wish, noting is out of the realm of possibility, nothing is taboo or off limits. I promise that anything you say to me will ever be repeated or written down, nor wil it ever be recorded or discussed by me with anyone else.
That's why this forum exists, as an outlet, a way to gain awareness and wisdom, to reflect and retrospect, without fear of reprisal or someone laughing at you.
That will never happen here, as I respect you as a person.
You are an educated, intelligent and motivated individual different from anyone else.
You will discover that you are not that much different than anyone else, though UNIQUE.

I hope we can chat today.

Will you let me know about you, maybe starting with your name and age, location and about you, likes and stuff like that? If you wish, you can remain anonymous.
You can ask me anything you like. I won't hold back on you. I have nothing to hide from you.
What do I get out of this you might ask? What type of gratification does he get from helping me?
Maybe it's just the fact that I like helping people in need.
Someone helped me once, not long ago, with something that was very personal and made a real difference in my life.
I promised to help others after that. Now it's my turn to help you.



**Do you have Yahoo or AIM or other, it makes chatting much easier.

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