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Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by _moo_
But no one can argue with that fact that two women or two men cannot produce children together. The sexual act, though quite pleasureable, is mainly for the reproducing of children. A man and a man cannot perform the sexual act in the way that it was meant to be performed. Same thing with a woman and a woman. So if relationships were meant to be between two people of any gender, then why are we made the way we are?
This one kind of stumped me...Any help here people? Hey koler you sound good for the job, but it doesn't pay in money.

I'm not even gonna try to quote properly. Sex is more then reproduction. If that was it, then why would you stay with a partner. thats really shallow. thats like saying your only getting married to fuck. Sex is about love, and connection. I have LOVED so strongly before. I'm male, I'm bisexual. I have been in deep loved with man and woman alike. I'm not thinking, lets make babies, I'm thinking, I want to make a connection, I want to show this person that I love them so much, I'm giving myself to them. I'm exposing the very thing that is hidden from all eyes. I'm giving them me in all form. Its LOVE its CONNECTION FREEDOM and HAPPINESS. Something you don't seem to understand.
I understand what u saying but i'll give myself to the person i want to spend my life wit.. u feel me? not just anyboday.. but u neve know dat could change

well my view on gay marraige is this.. if they want to get married let em... but i'm not going be saying anything when the aids population goes up.. I'll tell u one thing u ain't go see me ending up wit no other gay guy.. (doing it in the butt) no no.. and just to clear things up i am not a homophobia

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