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Approximately 850 million people worldwide are malnourished, thats is not 2/3 of the population. That is about 1/7 on average. Most of those poeple are living in Africa and western asia. These conditions are not usually due to a shortage of food, but a government that mismanages. If they really wanted to help there people, they would invest the government budgets in cultivation of the fertal vally feilds along the many rivers and cost lines in there countries. Not spend it on a boosted military. If the united states really wants to help these contries then giving them hand outs is not the answer, but working with them to improve there education system and linking them with a global economy.

Ethonal is a much cleaner buring fuel that is very close to gas in its production. We wouldnt have to change an entire industry, an industry that supplies a huge amont of Job's in the worlds mroe sucsessful nations. You have Japan, Germany, the UK, the United States, and many more nations that produce cars. Instead of using existing food producing feilds, it would make MANY more jobs to create ethonal producing feilds in Mid America, a portion that is slowly declining in population, it would experience a boost and thus contribute more the the global economy. Southen parts of Canada would also be able to grow the crops needed for ethonal, and china, a new comer to the G.E. or global economy, would prosper. Millions of unemployed people would get jobs, and the oil industry would slowy become ethonal industries and hydregen industries. Its a step in the present, that will secure the future.

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