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Default Re: Puberty Serveys

Age -13
Height -5'4
Circumsised -oui

How far are you through puberty? like int he 4th stage im fast
Pre-Pubescent Hard length -?
Pre-Pubescent Hard girth -?

Flaccid length -3
Flaccid girth -i dunno
Hard length -5.8
Hard girth -idk
Happy with length? -yes
Happy with girth? -yes
Desired Flaccid length -idc
Desired Flaccid girth -idc
Desired Hard Length -idc
Desired Hard Girth -idc

Does your Penis bend? -yep
In which Direction? -up
Alot, some or little -a little
Does this concern you? -no

When erect does you forskin pull back?
Do you have Spots on your penis?
Does this concern you?

When masturbating how long does it take to cum? depends on my mood
Do you shoot or drip? -depends
What colour is your cum? - depends
Do you have pubic hair... (mark boxes with 'X' where appropriate)
Above the penis [X]
On the scrotum [x]
On the penis []
On Stomach [X]

Size of Glans (bell end, nob end)
Large (2-3 inches) []
Average (1-2 inches) [X]
Small (0-1 iches) []
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