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Default Testicular Cancer (Continued)

Okay so some of you may have seen my old topic about testicular cancer. Well I have made new discoveries and am going to update my story.

So a few months back, and noticed a new addition to the "boys".
It is on the left side, and usually is on the bottom of my left testical, I know it is not attached becuase if I sit down or lay down it simply dissapears. It is only there when I stand up, also it is lumpy, like a series of lumps only on a tube like substance I guess. I have read that testicular cancer is a pea sized lump on the testical, well this isn't on my testical, becuase I can move it around. I guess what Im asking is now that I have described it abit more, does anybody know what this is, or if you have had it before.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks
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