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For example: I had to spend the night in a hotel with my sister, and 3 kids. Like the thought just randomly crossed my mind, Idc what the fuck is wrong...Because that shit is disgusting, and I know it is, but is it similar to having the gay thoughts? Because of the hormones, or whatever, or could it be the new prozac that I am taking, or me getting off of the Zoloft, and my body adjusting...This could just be a weird side effect, because I have shit pops up all the time, It's kinda like everyone I see sex sex sex sex sex comes to mind...

Just to clear something up, It doesn't make me hard or pleasure's like a what if's fucking annoying, lol, It is with everyone, babies to old people, and im not saying ME doing it to them, just everyone is sex sex sex sex is this normal, it's not just kids, its everyone

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