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Default The str8 guy u fancy!

Here i have the biggest annoyance know to gay men:

the cute str8 mate that u have a massive crush on...that never seems to quite go away.

even if he not your ma8 i reckon at least 9/10 str8 guys at skool, will have someone they no hu is uber hot and yet is as str8 as a ruler.

u might not lust after them, but across that crowned corridor u see his perfect face and u gaze for a second longingly (this betta not just be me)

so lets share the pain, tell us about your ungettable str8 mate.

mine is ant! he is toned, cute and in to the same thing i am in 2...we often change togeather after tennis and i get to see a his loverly body everyweek (how i stop staring i never no) he slept ova mine and we;re best mates, we even kissed once on spin the bottle yet (god dam u) he has a gf and fancies cameron diaz...unfair i think so...

so share with us

plz don't say i am the only one out there!n
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