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note* before reading this i am much more intresting/fun/exciteing (well maybe not) in real life so please do not be put of just yet (wait till u get to no me).

i am 14 years old and gay (there is no good way of putting that).

i have a confession to make, i would like to find a bf and hope to find on ere...doesn't make me sound at all desperate does it! moving on i would just like to find someone..or just to make some friends.

i enjoy watching movie and televsion (who doesn't) but i aren't lazy or i am not totally lazy, i enjoying playing tennis and badminton (despite gettin my arse kicked regulaurly) i cannot spell as u can guess (yet i am in topset for english..hmmmm....) i enjoy drama and like to think of myself as good actor (now if only every1 else thought so)...i try to be funny, even tho i often fail as u can see.

well okay run out of things to say (already...)

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