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Only time will tell. Sexual orientation — being lesbian, bisexual, gay, or straight, is about sexual attraction. It can take years to understand our sexual orientation. Each of us has to answer these questions for ourselves, but it may take time before we can answer. Rest assured that many teens (and adults too!) are still figuring out their sexuality — what you're experiencing is more common than you might think!

So many people, young and older, have questions about their sexual orientation that there is actually a name for them. Many identify themselves and are identified by others as "questioning."

People who are attracted to people of both genders sometimes call themselves bisexual. No one knows for sure what makes people lesbian, gay, bisexual, or heterosexual. Sexual orientation develops naturally — perhaps even before birth. Although sexual orientation may seem to shift for some people in the course of a lifetime, it is not something that people can decide for themselves or others.
Being a gblt is also determained by love, without love you may be just curious or possably bi

So, it's completely OK to be wondering about your sexuality.

(this was taking out of my post in the puberty faq)
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