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Someone please help. I would like a lot an opinion from everyone who read this...

I'm fourteen years old and a girl. I've always liked guys--I still like guys. But now I think I'm bisexual and that would be no problem at all, but I'm very attracted to one of my reallllly close friends.

I sometimes think she is bisexual too. She's really comfortable with me and she says stuff like "Oh those pants make your ass look really big!" And she's said things about OTHER girls like "Doesn't she have a really nice body?"

It might be a phase but if it is not I want to know what to do..

Should I try not to think about my attraction to her or would I be able to move closer to her without ruining our friendship?

Please be honest with your opinion.. If you've been in or knows someone who has been in a similer situation, please tell me your story and outcome! Also, if you're straight, dont judge the situation as "Omg! Like, ew shes bi! Thats like sooo discustinggg!!"
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