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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Name: Amuse Insanity

Owner: Myself and Inspiration.

Thanks in advance. Eryka couldn't think of a desciption, so... yeah.
Originally Posted by Benmullet View Post
Name: Like Pigs In Lava

Owner(s): Myself, Hikari, The3moons (edit: ) and iamvampire.

Description: Random place for random people to talk about random things and random problems.

Originally Posted by Lozzypop View Post
title: Vt lovers happy lounge

owners: me and gumleaf as a co-mod

description: for threads of encouragement, fun, help, tips for relaxing and unwinding, just a place for vters to leave their troubles behind and relax. and a place for me to be my bubbly random self.
Waitlisted, there will be an opening Friday.

So if you care to find me, look to the western sky.
As someone told me lately, everyone deserves a chance to fly.

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