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so you are saying we should break up cuz his parents that is not very good advice and my dad loves him and to tell you the truth my dad hates all the other guys me and my sisters have dated he is not an easy person to get to like you.. and well my dad doesnt like to let go of his baby gurl cuz im the youngest but my parents even think his are whack for being so strict for god sakes he is 17! neways I think it is a good idea to ask them straight out but the thing is they act like they like me when i am around but he tells me all this shit and he would lie to me... But he has gotten so much better since i posted this wehad a talk about the differences in the relationship n i told himhe doesnt open doors and i told him that didnt matter and i told him he was still the sweet guys ive loved since the beggining so now he calls me to say hey and opens all the doors and stuff his parents are just gonna hvae to deal


I love him :-*

Well smack my ass n call me Judy!

My luv is like WHOOOOA NOW!

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