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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

Smoking can be harmful to your health, but it is highly exaggerated. Of the 2600 deaths per day of heart disease, about 218000 of the overall 949000 a year are caused from smoking and second hand exposure. There are approx. 50 million smokers in America, and about 250 million non smokers. So about 109 out of 25000 smokers will die of lung cancer, compared to 731 out of 250000 non smokers. Of course, this is strange, seeing as how, a very similar percentage of each will die of heart disease. So we can conclude that smoking does not heighten your chances of heart disease related death. Also, despite the fall in the percentage of smokers since the 1960’s, Lung Cancer deaths have gone up. How is this so? If less people are smoking, shouldn’t less people be dieing? This is not so.
  • “...The most obvious interpretation to be given to these figures is simply that the decline in smoking has not produced any decrease in LCDR's and that, in fact, in most age categories, the LCDR's have gone up...”
  • “... The United States, therefore, has been turned into a giant laboratory for the evaluation of a cigarette/lung cancer link. If, in fact, cigarettes do, in fact, "cause" lung cancer, we should see a decrease in the LCDR's over the time period between 1961 and the present, corresponding to the approximately 50% decline in cigarette consumption, and the comparable decline in smoking. The problem is, we don't!...”
  • "...tobacco executives don't deny there's a risk in smoking. In fact they even boast that there's a risk. One of their own employees testified to the Waxman panel that he wouldn't want his daughter to smoke. You see, the tobacco companies have frequently been sued by people suffering from lung cancer who claim that they got the disease from smoking cigarettes. The conventional wisdom says that smoking does, in fact, cause lung cancer, but the conventional wisdom is often wrong and, in this instance there is plenty of evidence that it is wrong. The tobacco companies, however, don't need to buck the conventional wisdom in order to defend lawsuits. The tobacco companies have found it easier to defend lawsuits by saying to the plaintiff "Didn't you read the warnings on the cigarette packages? Didn't you listen to all the warnings from prominent physicians and public officials? You went ahead and assumed the risk!". Back in 1890, the conventional wisdom said that masturbation caused blindness.
  • Suppose some doctor dared to challenge the conventional wisdom, and advised a patient that the practice is harmless. The patient takes the advice, goes ahead and masturbates and goes blind. He sues the doctor and I'm hired to represent the doctor in court. Believe me, if I'm a good lawyer, I'm not going to challenge the conventional wisdom and say the blindness had nothing to do with the plaintiff taking my client's advice! A much better defense is to cross examine the plaintiff: "Haven't you read books written by prominent authorities about the dangers of Onanism? Haven't you heard the preacher warn about it, in church? Haven't you heard the lectures by prominent temperance authorities about this dangerous vice? You proceeded at your own risk!"
  • Where smoking is concerned, it's obvious that if everybody who smoked developed lung cancer, we could say, conclusively, that smoking "causes" lung cancer. But we all know that not everybody who smokes develops lung cancer, and we also all know of many people who don't smoke a day in their lives, but none-the-less develop lung cancer at an early age and die from the disease..."

Oh and compare lung cancer deaths to these: The legal information resource offers some interesting mortality statistics for the United States. Of the 2,400,000-plus Americans who die each year, over 45,000 are killed in transport accidents. The number of homicides, poisonings, and drunk driving fatalities are roughly the same, at around 17,000 each. Perhaps more surprisingly, a stunning 178,000 Americans die from medical or hospital error every year.

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