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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

prove that second hand smoke is harmful hun, you cant!

".......It turns out that a high rate of smokers prevalence translates, in many cases, to long life expectancy and low rates of lung cancer. For males, in 1994, the country with the highest life expectancy (76.6 years) was Iceland, where 31% of the men smoked. The next runner-up was Japan, where 59% of the men smoked, and life expectancy was 76.5 years. Other countries with high rates of male smoking and long life expectancies included Israel (45%, 75.9 years); Greece (46%, 75.2 years); Cuba (49.3%, 74.7 years) and Spain (48%, 74.5 years).
Clearly, these figures rebut the hysterical claims of anti-smoking organizations. Figures bandied about in this country, and never challenged, estimate that smoking costs the smoker at least seven years of life expectancy. Figures circulated in Europe and cited on Mr. Van der Griendt’s web page, claim as much as 20 to 25 years of loss of life expectancy. But the official vital statistics from countries with high rates of smoking fail to validate these claims. To the contrary, it turns out that some of the countries with the highest rates of smoking have the longest life expectancies. This is important, not only from the standpoint of lung cancer, but also from the standpoint of heart disease. If, as is frequently claimed, smoking leads to heart attacks, the effects should be clearly show up in the form of greatly reduced life spans in countries where a lot of people smoke. They don’t. ........"

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