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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

I want everyone to read a book called In Defence of Smokers by Lauren A. Colbey, and then you can yell at me about the hazards of smoking, or actually, you might question your bitchy additude twords smokers.

"...........On the death certificate there was a line for the doctor to insert the immediate cause of death, and then three lines for "due to". The doctor inserted "cigarette smoking" under "due to". The letter writer questioned the doctor: was he sure the tumor was caused by cigarette smoking? The doctor said he wasn't sure about that, but there were guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society, and that when a person dies of certain conditions and has smoked, the doctor is instructed to list the "due to" as "smoking". In this instance, Ms. Haley persuaded the doctor to omit the usual "due to cigarette smoking", but obviously, this was a rare occurrence. The willingness of the medical profession to blindly observe "guidelines", issued by the Cancer Society generates a continuous stream of death certificates, validating the official line that cigarette smoking causes everything from heart disease to uterine cancer; yet, there is no shred of scientific evidence to validate any of the certificates; they are based on nothing more than official instructions to put down smoking as the cause of death!........"

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