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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

It was up to the owner's of the establishments untill people passed smoking bans. I'm not damaging anyone's health but my own, if you choose to sit by me when i'm smoking your damaging your own health and you need to deal with that. But we cant even go outside and smoke anymore, we can only smoke at home. AND NO i'm not saying we shoudl ban car's, leave it to ignorance for people to think thats what I'm saying. I'm saying banning cig's because of health makes about as much since as banning cars for health. i love cars, i use them everyday, full well knowing that I'm killing people because of it I love to smoke, I do it every day, but I don't get up in peoples faces about it or anything. I go outside when sombody doesnt want peopel smoking in there house and I stand at least 30 feet away from county roads since the bans in my areas saying no smoking on state property, and since the local and state governments own that 30 feet off the road, I respect that and smoke on my poarch. In fact, the laws not much of a blow to me, but a blow to smokers and freedom alltogether. If your at a bar, then your not to self concious about your health in the first place. If you go to a bar then you shoudl allready be aware that people are gonna be smoking there and you should think, should I go in the bar, knowing that people are gonna be smoking and it could be damaging to my health, or shoudl I make a law telling people they cant smoke in the bar, putting the bar out of business, or pissing everyone off in the bar. Your causing the problems by being a pud, stop being so....whinny and babyish. Get over it, your gonna die one way or another, and second hand smoke is the least of your worries. Those people who die of second hand smoke, probably smoked themselves, probably had hard core exposure for more then 20 years. If you sniff it every other day for 10 seconds its not gonna hurt you.

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