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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

Of course me, you are the one causing the problem by smoking, so why should I have to change the way I do things.
If a pub owner had the choice then so be it, but it is just an inconvience for the majority. You gotta please as many people as you can, and a smoking ban is doing that. Your not a fucking second class citizen, you are just being stopped from damaging other peoples health. Which is good.
Right drink driving is just plain fucking stupid, when you go to the pub, just don't take the car. Problem solved. Cars are a convinience, think how travel would be without cars, or planes or buses. They are usefull, smoking is just a simple pleasure, one that we can afford to change. Are you seriously saying we should ban cars?
Originally Posted by koler
but I hope you all get lung cancer. That way you will die and quit your bitchen.
Nice. Thats real fucking nice there.
Think about what your saying man, your talking shit. Non-smokers shouldn't be inconvinieced because of your nasty habit. Drinking is also harmfull yes, but people have the choice of what they subject their body too. You could use that same arguement with hard drugs "you drunk a pint last night, so why not just go skag yourself up?" See it doesn't work.
You have rights, smokers have rights of course they do. But like for everyone, rights are limited.
Life aint fair, the quicker you realise that the better.

***JG*** you obviously don't understand smoking. IT IS ADDICTIVE! Has no one ever told you that?
It is also relaxing, and some people think it will help them loose weight, look cool etc. All of those are false of course.

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