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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

ok i know i said i wouldnt say anymore on the topic but....meh!

you say about making pubs and shops etc, private establishments, blah blah et cetra et cetra, what if they bring in a ban on smoking in workplaces, like they did here? it means if you hire someone, no matter where it is, private or public, it is a workplace, meaning ban on smoking.

yes cars cause pollution, but they have not become as unsociable as smoking, i know in Ireland smoking is no longer seen as very sociable thing, and most people dislike it, see it as unhealthy and want to quit or not be around while someone is smoking. that is the will of the majority of people. anad governments follow the will of the people.

unfortunatly you will have to realise that the will of the people is that they dont want people smoking around them. now i know there is millions of people who smoke, who dont mind et cetra, but more people dislike it, and bans will come in, higher excise duties will be placed on tobacco products, and it will become so hard to do it. that is the reality.

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