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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO GO SOMEWERE ELSE? you you you, YOU NOT THE ONE LOSING YOU RIGHTS!!!!!! Of couse you don't care, but I have to GO ALL THE WAY BACK HOME before i can light up. You guys really don't understand. I shouldnt be a second class citizen just because I smoke a cig. every now and then. I'm making noise in my community, my god you better believe it. I'm starting an independent news paper to adress this, I'm gonna talk to the owner of the tobaco store and organize a protest, Its on, its not right. Your not getting it. All I want, is for it to be up to the owner of the establishment weather or not he thinks that people should be able to smoke or not. if you wanna go to a pub to drink, which drinking is proven to kill not only you but those you take out driving home from the pub. oh yes and its all of you people with cars that the fumes eek into the ozone layer eating away our atmosphere and giveing people skin cancer. not to mentnionn the cars creating smog layers over our cities causing cancer, and other very harmful diseases to all those that lay in its wake. Plus cars cause acid rain which can wipe out feilds in developing countries, causeing famine, and the amount of toxins let out of you car ever time you start it is equal to the amount of toxins in a pack of cig's. ouch! ANd the oil runoff into rivers and such from parkinglots and roads has whiped out complete ecosystems! Three of my friends two years ago, got into a car reck and died instantly as I watched from my bus, freakin' out. So I know casualties of the car industry. I only know 1 friend that has died from cancer caused from smoking. But thats not to say the danger isnt there. I see the danger, but I dont want to smoke around you, If I'm at a resteront, I don't care if there smoking section is outside and its 112 degrees. I'm steping outside and smoking a cig. I'm fine with that. If i'm on the sidewalk, thats different, the city owns the sidewalk, they ahve the right to say you cant smoke there. BUt they dont' own our economy, we do, and if you start a business, then you should be able to say weather or not people should be able to smoke on your property. In any case, The way to get around this is to start calling pubs privit property, exclusive membership, and then just let anyone come an go, giving anyone who sicks there hand out a membership card. Store owners will reolize thats they way to do it, and bam, 20% of stores will be privet property. But are you fine with this? Its just making segregation. Your just telling people that you are better then them and you don't care about there rights! You know what, and I know this sounds awful, but I hope you all get lung cancer. That way you will die and quit your bitchen. You don't want to breath smoke, there are plenty of public places that don't allow it allready without the laws. The mall, most fast food joints, an estimated 15% of casual dinners, most stores located in strip malls. You could have thought about yoru argument first too. we wanna be health when we go the the pub and drink! as if drinking isnt harmful allready. Cry all you want, those laws are gonna be repelled, mark my words they will be repelled.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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