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Athiesm is the belief in no greater being which is pretty much the ultimate belief in Science. Science has solved everything, Science will solve everything. It is the answer. That is what people thought back then, that the greater being created everything, that he was the answer. Now I am not Atheist nor am I a religious person but I am in fact a believer of both.

In my years of Atheism, 2 years I have read a lot about it. When I was 11 The Big Bang Theory, etc. Things along the lines of that. Well then I read the bible. It seems Science cannot explain everything, just theorize. We do not know what actually happened when the Big Bang had happened. Did someone create it? Was there something before us? These questions no doubt showed up in debates. How is Science supposed to answer them? WITH A THEORY? I think not, sir. That is like saying, "What happened to the apple?"
"I ate it"
"Because.. Well I don't know. It was just there and it kind of happened."

Stupid example yes, makes sense yes. I am saying that Science cannot explain why we just landed in the perfect spot for life why we are intelligent why we haven't melted.

Well the bible hasn't either. I don't believe there was a greater being, but I do believe that Jesus indeed did exist and his teachings were morphed from being friendly to thy neighbor to "All hail the Messiah". Jesus was the most influential person in history having his teaching still taught daily after 2000 years. His teachings were right, but he is not the son of god. Why does someone as intelligent as him have to be pictured as a demi-god. Why can't he be mortal. This is what I think. Dissect what you want from it.

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