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Originally Posted by ltimm View Post
Personnally, I'm an extreme atheist. If you're radical in your religion, then, most likely, I hate you. ALL religion is stupid, no matter judaism, islam, hinduism, etc. Religion was made thoudands of years a go to answer questions that man could not explain. Religion in the long run has only raised more questions than answers. It's statistically proven that countries with less religious people hace less crime, poverty, and violance. In America, 90% of the population in religious. Look where it's gotten us! In wars with other religious countries. It all needs to stop before something very serious happens. It's like a game of my-god-is-better-than-your-god (I think Richard Dawkins said that. He's a very wise man)
What makes being an extreme atheist better than being a radical religious person? IMO they are both horrible.
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