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Thumbs down Re: Bann On Public Smoking

Human Rights:

10. Everyone has the inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.

even thought there is nothing in the constitution to protect smokers, they are treated inhumanly. They are stuck outside like dogs in cold weather, rain and snow. People like you anti smokers in this thread think less of smokers and treat them like dirt. Thats great if you dont approve but it's there Life and they better be able to do what they fucking want with their bodies. Smoking is in no way healthy but what about alchohol and caffeine, the government should not be able to dictate our lives saying what we can and cant have, so in my opinion chose your poison. I know I would be fucking pissed off if peanuts were banned because people with alergys bitched about it. So tough shit for people happy with the current laws on smoking because it benifits them.

P.S Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Gram Bell and Edwin Hubble (all celebrated smokers) the list goes on..
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