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Default I'm bored, so i wrote a poem

A beautiful field of pink flowers adorns the hillside

“my that’s gorgeous” says the boy

he is entranced by the vivid color, staring fixedly, amazed

a small yellow path of flowers meets his eyes

there awe inspiring façade is met with just as much joy from the child who flocks to them

“look at these mother” he calls, pointing innocently at a young women

she fixes her eyes on the yellow flowers

but she sees them differently

“I wonder why those are there” she says, seemingly disgusted at there appearance

“those are dandy lions sweetly, there weeds”

but the boy doesn’t see them as weeds, he knees down, fascinated by the little white balls of fluff

the fact is that they are no different then the pink flowers

there color is just as vivid

there smell just as fresh

there ability to make a child smile, just as strong

there were not as many in the field

they grew under a tree, sparse and under watered

but to the child, they were equal

they were the same

leave it to the innocence of a child

to see all flowers for the beauty that they posses

and not he classification of there species

we should all take note of this identification

all flowers are pretty


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