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I hide in the shadows,
Watching her hair,
Uniquely colored,
Perfectly mixed,

I only fear she looks,
Mesmerized by her face,
Beautifully clean,
Surprisingly beautiful,

I sit on the sidelines,
Listen to her voice,
Spoken softly,
So innocent,

Her hair dances,
As her face turns,
My face jolts,
The other way,

I feel younger,
A boy with a crush,
Chasing her around,
Amazed during recess,

I don’t understand,
I won’t allow myself,
To get close,
To get hurt,

I don’t want that pain,
Not again,
Stay back,
I’ll give it up,

I’ll never have a chance,
I know this,
Please don’t,
Come to me,

I really want it,
But I know better,
I’ll never have a chance,
With perfection.