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Default Re: never ending tears

I know how you feel. I went up to Breckenridge Colorado to snowboard. I thought it would be just a week of snoboaring. WRONG!! I totaly met this girl that i almost immeitaly fell in love with. She was my friends friend. I really liked her and i could tell she liked me to because 1) she would always want to be next to me on the ski lift 2) when we went tubing...she would always want to be behind me cuz we had to hold onto eachothers tubes if we were doing double. guess she kinda trusted me there. But sadly here are the problems: 1) she has a b/f 2) she lives in florida.
When i came home i just wanted to break down and cry. I felt so bad and so upset because the possibilities of seeing her again was a one and a hundred chance. I remember when i first knew she really liked me...we were going up Peak 9 and she started looking @ me. so i looked back and well we had one of those akward moments....oh and to add to the akwardness....get this....the song WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN by Creed starts over the loudspeakers right then!
I was so so sad when we left. I just hope i see her again. And now i have almost constantly thought about her. It was March 10, 2006 that we met. Somewhere around there. And hopefully we can see eachother again.
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