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Originally Posted by rEpReSsIoN.?
Nazi's are facists it's just a name given to a party to describe them like Hilters pary (BNP is an equivalent to the Nazi's for they share the same qualities).
Nazis are indeed Facists, but not all facists are nazis!
Facist is a general term for people who believe in right wing polotics, the Nazi party are just a facist party.
No I don't agree with their policys, and fuck no I would never vote for them.
As far as polotics go, they can voice their opinion as much as they like, if enough people fall for their lies then they are going to get in.
Good poloticians are just good liers, good manipulators, they know how to word things nicely.
You need to look through all the bullshit with polotics.