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well, I hate to bring up old news most people have put in mental blocks, but like, loads of people just tripped out over how slow vt was, and how many members were just taking up space but had never posted, how we didnt have enough moderators how we did have this and that, they tripped, so they took the members list away, then they yelled even more, then some people yelled at a noob for something or another, Cody and Nick and Matt were frozen, or something, they call got pissed and Cody wrote a novel about how angry he was, then people just started leaving, one after another just plopping up posts that said they were leaving, Tim started a Website called StapleClock, they are all there, just go to and you can talk to them. But it was really wild for a bit there, but Josh made Kiros an admin, and we got Alex as a g-mod, and a few puberty mods and a new forum and faster everything, and its all back to normal, but there was like, a revolt literally.

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