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Hey hey, well I've been! My best mate took me. It wasn't as bad as I expected...well at least I didnt have a nervousbreakdown and hes not telling my parents. He has referred me to a psychotherapist who are sending me a letter but because of my folks seeing it my best mate (bless him) piped up that he wouldnt mind if the letter was sent to his house...which is really cool. He is the greatest.
The weirdest bit abpout yesterdsay though was the fact Id been so secretive about the doctors etc but when I got home my sister saw the cut marks. I mean I got all defensive and said it was a bush but she aint stupid so ya know...but shes not stupid enough to tell my folks....I hope
Oh and btw my doctor was asking me all these questions which I knew were like about symptoms of depression and shit but all he told me was that he was referring me...what does that mean?
Thanks bye xxx

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