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ok so well the thing with my mom and such.. i got kicked out i was out of the house for a few days i got a call on my cell saying come home... i was like ok w.e. sure... my father, my mother an i had what my father would refer to as a come to jesus meeting... i dont really get what he means by that but w/e anyways we got shit mostly sorted out at the juncture especially about grades and how much they expect from me.

as of now things are a little shaky... i apparantly had an additude earlier in the week where in ive been snapping at people.... mostly because ive been in my room or out in the garage working on a project (small engines, computers, circutry, or my airsoft gun mods) and its been mostly my mom that will call from across the house to ask me to do something. such as i recall at one point i was in the midst of adding a wireless camera to my RC car, soldering iron in hand and my mom yells from the living room.. other end of the house from my room. she is sitting in her recliner on her computer. she called me out to the living room to hand her the remote sitting on the coffee table not more than 18" from her feet. but yet when i want to talk to her i have to come to her to talk... but if she wants to talk to me i have to come to

i know ive been snapping at my dad n bro, mostly my bro. he is more into computers than i am, my domain is more so on the engine side of things but i do computer stuff anyways. but basically the garage is my domain, where MY tools are. i pretty much know where everything is. so anyways my bro is working on plumming the deck again because the pvc tubing running to the faucet shatterd during the winter. and he is digging through MY tool boxs looking for a tool, i ask what it is that he looking for but he wont tell me. so i basically yell at him askin him what in the f#@$ he is looking for, he finally tells me and i tell him exactly where it is. he finishes up, packs up his tools and other stuff. so hes gone back inside. i walk around back onto the deck and there are the tools i lent him.... any of you mechanics or dads or just plain people who have tools and use them frequently know the kind of aggrivation that comes with this particular act...

as for my dad.. hes turning 50 this year, not what i would say old... but hes getting up there. hes had a habbit for some time and it is either starting to get worse or im noticing it more. but he will come in to the vicinity of where im workin on a project, look at me, look at my project, study it, get a confused look on his face, then says "can i ask a silly question? what are you doin" even though the project is typically very obvious and easy enough to figure out at a quick glance. the other things hell do is be reading the paper, or again watch me working on a project and just be like "hmmm" or "thats interesting" and wont say anything after that. i was nice the first couple of times it happen and told him "dont start sumthin if you aint gunna finish it." now its become more aggitated "dont f-ing start a sentance and take a long ass time to complete it" for when he says thats interesting or "its getting really f-ing annoying having to say what to your hmmm's" it just really bothers me. among other things too but thats the main one.

well this thing is long enough as it is.. if you all wnat more info just ask, i get an email everytime there is a responce

if you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you shall also suffer defeat ~ Sun Tzu
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