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I forget where you sign up but i got mine free and it works great.

Look see:

EDIT: Signup at . The free one has 100mb of space and 3gb of monthly bandwidth and one banner. Personal gets you 500mb of storage, 10gb monthly bandwidth, no ads, 20 email accounts, SQL database, php support, room to "freely upgrade", UPS and a diesel generator server backup, AND its hosted on linux. For only 3 bucks a month, paid annualy.

If the monthly bandwidth isnt enough theres a personal pro plan for 7.95 a month paid annualy that includes 5gb storage, 80gb monthly bandwidth,etc.

I think it would be a better choice to have anyone who wants to to chip in to chip in and paying ~100 a year for good hosting than just changing forum software. Theres what? 3 admins? If admins each pay 20 a year + 10 from mods then this place would run smoothly and everyone would be happy. 10 or 20 bucks a year isnt bad, especialy considering a lot of people here get at least minimum wage. They can put aside 2 dollars a month then at the end of the year donate it to a paypal account or something.

Here is thier plans:

Dont get me wrong, I just think it would be smarter to get a host that can run this place smoothly than buy some software that would just make it look different. New host = more speed/features. New software = looks different.

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