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here is my opinion ready?

its true a lot of illegal immigrants dont pay taxes but a lot suprisingly do...i would get proof but i am lazy and this comp is slow...anyway that doesnt mean im against it.....i belive people should have legally gotten into this country...if they didnt....grr i hold a grudge agains them (sorry bout that teenhelp) but oh well whats done is done....what i think is simpiliy outragous is when they don't teach their kids english...mexican americans are hard workers, but for the most part they shouldnt have to be they came here to work for the most part, and have their familys a better life...all the good reasons not for drugs or anything....but when they dont teach their kids to speak english their kids don't really care too because they are ignorant at the time (every kid would be unless they are like little kid geniouses ) and then they cant get the best job they could have....also that creates a giant language barrior its harder for everybody to get a job because a lot of people need to be fluent with english and i think it all will just come down to language in the end...

<3 Katie
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