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face it nobody's life is perfect we ALL have problems many or not, you should not be looking at your bad problems, i dont mean run away, or anything like that....think of it alll diffrently, think of better your grades, your smart thats one amazing thing off the bat, knowledge can lead you to great places.....pushing your friends away?, sure i do it all the time, but less and less, i used to always think i was afraid of losing them like i lost my dad, but then i decided the time you spend with them is awesome and when they are gone it sucks, but rather know them then not?

yeah...but then i still pushed them away and realized it was for attention just to see who really cared, and hey thats fine if you dont feel wanted just to make sure you are since a lot of people have trouble showing they care....

i don't know you since im just starting vt again, but i hope your problems pick up, but dont worry about them, you have your WHOLE life to worry about problems, may as well have fun well you can right?

<3 Katie
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