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Losing? This isn't a competition kid. And yes, actually, a newbie should use FTP sometime in their life, because that's how one would get use to it and become more than a newbie. It doesn't take a genious to figure that out But now Cory, you have the popup blocker on, right? And you never made an exception for StapleClock, right? So this means one of two things. Either you always have to tell FF to let that popup through, or FF's popup blocker can't even catch such a simple popup. Either way, it's useless...

And what's all this about:
Originally Posted by You
Your losing, admit it.
We're not competing, however, I am noting that Avant Browser is far better than FireFox. Considering that you made such a statement, I'd have to think that you're losing your grip and used that as a tactic to turn tides. Heh, this is so funny, especially since you're struggling

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