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FireFox 2.0 is a long time from coming out and since it's not even out yet, you can't say it's even close to being the best browser.

As a matter of fact, everything I stated in my previous post is relavant. Since IE actually supports BHOs and ActiveX, there is plenty of software that will give IE tabs - the MSN Toolbar is just a well known, stable BHO that supplies it. IE's popup blocker actually has different settings: Low, Medium, and High. High actually blocks all the popups that FF blocks, though the medium and low settings will allow for convenience for wanted and unwanted popups - this means that you don't have to set a lot of sites as exceptions like you'd have to do in FF! IE has so much good software written for it that it can block any malicious content and out perform FF, and since Avant Browser 2006 (11) is coming out soon and will have compatibility with IE7, it will completely waste FF 2.0

Ah yes, I do upload many files through IE's (Windows') FTP client, so it infact is easier and faster than and of FF's crap

Eh, I don't much care for Safari, but like Opera, I haven't seen or used it in a long time...

Get Avant Browser, the better browser (clicky)

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