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Default love.. HELP ME!

Me and my boyfrind have been dating for a year and almot 2 months... And I love him very much and he loves me. But lately we fight about little and big tuff we both have told eachother we have thought about breaking up but just loved eachother too much and that we really dont want that. He has really over controling parents, and well as for mine my parents love him, and thy have even talked about us in the future being married my parents ask if we have had sex and they are very ok with our relationship, but as for his over controling parents they seem to not like me and they seem like they want him to date other girls. Me and this boy got in a wreck (hit a mailbox) and his parents accused of all sorts of things, his mom found a hand print on the window and told him "if i find that you both did anything last night, I will make sure it NEVER happens again" and they have old him they would break us up if we have sex. Truth is we have, and we did it at my house because my parents give me freedom but we have rules its not like they say "oh yea go to your room and have sex sureeeeeeee" no they were working outside in the garden and cleaning the indows and we snuck upstairs.
Anyways, we have been fighting alot more lately and we have caught it and ralized it is effecting us and it cools down for about a week or so and then we fight again, i know he loves me and he knows i love him, I just feel im not good enough for him I feel like he could do better I love him soo much and he hates when I degrade myself he is soo sweet but he used to open doors for me and be the "southern gentleman" he still sort of is just a little less because we have been together so long, he doesnt say " I love you " to me alot but he says it wen we get off the phone or off online or when he rights me a note, or whatever he doesnt say it spontaneusly but i mean you cant have everything right I guess I am just looking for a little advice on how I can make this relationship with me and him and with us vs. his parents...

Appriciate the help!

I love him :-*

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