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IE is in fact better than FF.

Myth - "Firefox Blocks all Pop-ups"

Reality - Firefox does not Block all Pop-ups. PopupTest shows the "Drop down Popup" and the "Sticky Popup" are not blocked. Other types of Pop-ups continue to get through.

Myth - "Firefox was the first Web Browser to include Tabbed Browsing"

Reality - Tabbed Browsing has been around a long time. Netcaptor offered Tab Browsing back in 1997. Opera developed it back in 1995 and added it in Opera 4 in 2000. Other Popular Browsers such as Avant Browser and Maxthon also had these features way before Firefox officially arrived in 2004.

Myth - "Firefox supports Tabbed Browsing and Internet Explorer does not"

Reality - Internet Explorer 6 supports Tabbed Browsing when used with the MSN Toolbar extension in Windows XP.

Notes - Internet Explorer 7 includes Tabbed Browsing by default.

Myth - "Firefox is completely compatible with every Web Site"

Reality - 10-15% of web sites aren't completely compatible with Firefox. Firefox is not 100% Internet Explorer and ActiveX compatible. Web sites that depend on ActiveX or were only tested in Internet Explorer (which there are many) will only render and work properly in Internet Explorer based browsers. Web site features such as Menus, Web forms or other content may not function or behave differently then intended. While Internet Explorer is completely compatible with 99.99% of all Web Sites.

In a recent study by a UK based web testing firm SciVisum, 1 in 10 UK web sites failed to work properly with Firefox.

Notes - Opera has the same problems as Firefox in regard to web site compatibility.

Myth - "Firefox is Faster than Internet Explorer 6"

Reality - Internet Explorer 6.x is clearly faster than Firefox 1.x in 6 out of 7 measures of performance and is significantly faster from a cold start.

Notes - The argument that components of Internet Explorer may load during Windows Startup is nullified by Opera's start times. Which means there is no excuse for this except poor coding on Firefox's part.

Oh, and the pipelining thing... Internet Explorer does not have an option to enable or disable this. By default, IE makes multiple simultaneous requests at once. Since this is what pipelining is, you could actually say IE, by default, comes with pipelining enabled

The FTP client that Windows uses is exclusive enough to keep me happy

And since ActiveX is so much more powerful than FF's extensions, ActiveX definitely wins that battle. The BHOs IE supports are fully functional and flexible as well, and they are better than FF's extensions - they even have support for toolbars and menus.

Internet Explorer is far better than FireFox, hands down. With Avant Browser using Internet Explorer's engine, Avant Browser is by far the better browser. Avant Browser even supports its own extensions, which are very convenient

Get Avant Browser, the better browser (clicky)

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