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My School uses WinVNC to Monitor us. With ours, you can right click and close the program in the system tray, but while that looks like it closes the program, it really doesn't.

Of course, my teachers are too lazy to monitor us. So, you can basically do anything anyway.

I have no idea what rights any teachers at my school have. I know they don't have Administrator Access, and I'm sure most of them don't even have access to the monitoring program. And, like was said above, with the part about logging into an account which has access to the rights. You're just saying to do that. It's not like everyone knows teachers and Administrator's passwords.

At my school, they don't give you rights to anything. You can access the server, but you cannot modify anything. It's funny though. They don't allow you to type the Address, like \\server or whatever, but if you make a link to it, you can access it.

Their computers came with XP Pro, but they stupidly downgraded to Win2k.

Just for the heck of it, here's a screenshot of the schools computers:

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