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Default Re: Gay or Straight or Bi?

Originally Posted by x2asdf7xf
I'm a freshman in high school and i have a group of really good guy friends. When we went on an over-night field trip, we were all placed in one room. One kid was taking a shower and he came out completely naked cuz he 4got to take a towel. After that, we kinda watched porn and jacked off together. The thing is that I have a girlfriend who I lost my virginity to a month ago and I don't think i'm gay but i don't think I'm bi either. I'd like to jerk off with my friends again sometime and they were talking about blowjobs or something but that seems really gay. Somebody help me! Am I gay, str8 or bi???
It's your teen age years and a lot of things are going through your head. It's okay that you are having these feelings, it's just natural courisoity, and expermenting. Let me ask you this: How do you know your straight if you haven't at least tried something with the oppisite sex at least once? You can't make that desscition right away. You are going thorugh puberty, it doesnt make you gay, straight or bi. All thought if you do end up likeing guys in the end, then hey your Bi and I'm here to support and help you. Good luck. In the mean time if you need ANYTHING at all I'm here for you, I can relate to the same stuff in a way, I'm also in High School so e-mail me at [email protected]

Hey guys,
I'm here to help with any questions you have. Just pm and well talk. I'm a youth educator for the BVHW and am certified. Heck Im so good I should be a mod.
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