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Originally Posted by _moo_ say that if the person has this perspective about the way they feel toward the same sex, then they have no choice. But that's not true. When it comes to things like that (varieties in the human mind) you always have a choice. People who have low MAO in their brain are prone to anti-social behavior and/or extreme risk-taking. But that doesn't mean that just because you find out you have low MAO, you have to go become a cliff diver or a hermit. There's still a choice there. No one has to be homosexual, they choose to be...
If we could choose to be gay, then shouldn't we be able to choose not to be gay? You almost make homosexuality sound fake, like some kind of depressive disorder. I don't belive homosexuailty is an "anti-social behavior" or a "extrime risk". If I could start my whole life over without being gay (B.T.W I am) and never knowing I chose not to be, I would. But since I'm here and I'm queer, no uh uh. We do want to show our pride and that we are just inoccent people like straight people, but also we know we can't change it. As I read in Highlights (lil while ago) that if one can't get what they desire, one tries to convince him/herself that it's not worth having. And based on that, I can determine that since we have something and we can't get rid of it, we to convince ourselfs that it is WORTH having, so we better be gay about gay. The people in my science fiction club are weirder and more far out than gay people! And I would never choose to be gay, because why would I put myself through the hastle of coming out to not only everybody I know, but to myself, AND having to be shut out by most of our country. Would you choose to go through this hastle? I ask you.
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