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I am 13 years old. I never looked up any thing about sex till last week and found wished i found out before this happened nether did my girlfriend so we had no idea what we were doing.

My girlfriend who is 13 and I came home after a movie date. We decied to look at our selves naked and compare girls and guys because we are both only children and nerver saw anyone of the oppisite gender naked so we went to my mom's room took off all our clothes. ( a note said she would be back late at night (about 10:30 it was 5:30)) so we touched each others privets and looked at our bodies I thought it was cool. then I got a funny feeling my penis got very long and hard So we went on my mom's bed. And I stuck my pinis in to her it felt so good (she agreed to do it We donot know what made us do it we lay their for about an hour. Then We felt relly bad. and scared. we told each other we would not tell our parents so she went home. So I went online and found this.

So please help we still have not told our parents and we did not have condoms or anything I am afied she will have a child we are so scared help. Also we both come from catholic familys so this is a great sin sex before marraige ( I know what this means)

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