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Default Big Puberty Question

I am 16 years old (as of September, 05') and only started going through puberty 8-9 months ago. I haven't noticed much, if any, growth in penis size (at max- 3.5" erect), dramatic deepening of my voice (it has started, but not much, just a little crack and a little deeper), height (I am about 5' 7"), pubic or body hair, or increase in testicle size (at all). I have a little brother who is three years younger than me (13 years old) and is further than I am through puberty (longer penis, deeper voice, and a little more pubic hair). He runs around bragging that his penis is bigger than mine, and so on. Am I that far behind in puberty? I have been undergoing puberty now for about 8-9 months. It isn't really fun and I cannot stand being the "odd man out." Is there a way to fix this, and Is there anything wrong with me? If so, What?

On another note i have been unable to ejaculate. Is this something to do with what I am going through?!

Please Help!
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