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Ok, first of all, let's all learn from this... When you reply to the person that posted last, you do not need to quote the person This just wastes time, effort, and our limited amount of space. Please do not quote people unless you have to (a certain word, sentence, and/or paragraph in a certain post, or quoting something written on another site, or replying to a person that has not posted last). I ask this of all of you, please

And advent_child, please go back and fix (edit) your mistake in your BBCode:
[ url][/url]
Now, although I'm all for speed, I'm also for options and functionality. I might try Opera, but I've used it in the past and I didn't like it even as much as IE Also, anything is better than FireFox, so that doesn't say much IE is faster than FF in 6/7 tests, while Opera is faster than FF in 7/7 tests. Like I said, speed is nice, but Avant Browser doesn't take any time to load whatsoever, so I don't need a faster browser. Also, I want a browser that has functionality to it, and (from what I remember) Opera doesn't support ActiveX. There are some sites that will only allow Internet Explorer to view them, so since Avant Browser uses IE's core engine, it can go to everything and is completely compatible with almost every website!

I love Avant Browser!
Get it now (clicky)

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