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Originally Posted by sebbie View Post
Personally when it comes to religion I think it is something that we should make up our minds on for ourselves. Religious classes in my opinion should just educate not persuade people to join a faith.
I agree. If I were running a school, I'd teach of different kinds of religions, alongside science of course. All taught to inform people, rather than just persuade them.

I'm totally agnostic, where I'd like to believe in a God/creator figure, but I'm not entirely convinced, but then again I'm not totally put off.. if that makes sense. I went to a Catholic primary school and then a Church of England secondary school, and I never really thought of God.. and then when I did, I thought it was a load of crap (I was atheist when I was 10-11 which was quite rare at my school), but recently, I'm quite open more open to the concept of God, as I feel that science won't and can't explain every single thing. If there is a God, it isn't a humanistic being that wants us to submit ourselves to it or follow a particular religion, it may be a kind of live force... I'm kinda leaning towards Deism in this sense, but I don't know that much about Deism, to be honest.

As for other peoples religious beliefs. Well I'm very Live And Let Live. I don't believe in forcing your religious beliefs (or lack of) down other peoples throats. Some Christians and Muslims are notorious for this, and so are atheists - they'll complain about some "bible basher" trying to convert them, yet are quick to say "GOD AINT REALZ LOL" to someone that does believe. It's classic hypocrisy.

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