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Originally Posted by anonn
im getting really frustrated. i just tried again and after 7-8 minutes it feels as if there is liquid on its way and i can feel it and every time i rub the head i get a tingle and after a while i just can't carry on. i don't understand why

Hey buddy,
It's okay. So basically as your saying you feel like your readdy to ejuculate but it never happens? It does take time, JackinWorld can't really help you out on this one becasue all they have are techniques on how better your masteurbation. Try doing this:

1. Rub your penis all over till it gets erect.

2. Slowly start to stroke upp and down your shaft, do this for a few minutes and as soon as you and your hand are used to this, take your free hand and rub your legs and your testicals. This help's put the sexuall feeling on your mind so your not thinking of anything else.Another problem could be your age, how old are you? The tingle feeling is a sign of cumming, but just keep going with it, then you'll build up blood pressure to your penis and will eventually shot. Sometime's it can take me between 5 minutes to 1 hour to fully cum. Just let it take time, keep masturbating and you will get what you want.

Hey guys,
I'm here to help with any questions you have. Just pm and well talk. I'm a youth educator for the BVHW and am certified. Heck Im so good I should be a mod.
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