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Originally Posted by TimTom
Who has shaved their pubic region?

Is it a good idea?

What are the outcomes?
I have shaved my pubic regions, and it wasen't becasue it was to long, it was just something I did. In puberty when you first start to get pubic hair most people are glad, but others are not. I guess if you want to shave it then yes it's cool, it doent make yoyu a freak and it's not like it won't grow back, cause it will, it's all natural. The only thing I recomed doing is not using a razor until you get to the bottom, until then you can use sisors or cutters (hair cutters that you shave your head with". If there is anything else I can help you with then e-mail me at:

Hey guys,
I'm here to help with any questions you have. Just pm and well talk. I'm a youth educator for the BVHW and am certified. Heck Im so good I should be a mod.
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