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Default Re: Testicular Cancer?

Originally Posted by c0mpu73rfr34k
Okay so I am 13, and just recently I noticed "a new renovation" to my testicals. So its like sort of tubey but has bumps in it, and I can also move it around. (Only on the left testical) Im not sure if its attached or not, but Im worried it might be Testicular Cancer. I read some of the signs, and it said a pea-sized lump, but its not a pea sized lump, its something else. Any ideas what this may be?
I think you are woring a litttle to much! Few bumps and irration on the testicals is also said to be a hormone stage. It will go away in the matter of time, but if you get concernd about new things down there and need help then e-mail me at [email protected] and I will e-mail you some MEDICAL PICTURES (Hand drawn) and send you some vital information.

Hey guys,
I'm here to help with any questions you have. Just pm and well talk. I'm a youth educator for the BVHW and am certified. Heck Im so good I should be a mod.
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