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CALM DOWN, Catie, this isn't xanga.
Be warned: I'm about to make Catie EXTREMELY happy.

Searching the wreckage, I found a pink dress shirt. Not caring about my “wearing pink makes you gay” opinion, I put it on and breathed a sigh of relief. Unlike some girls at school who I’d usually flex to, being topless in front of Iris made me feel… I don’t know, vulnerable…
“Did you find anything?” Iris asked flatly.
“A shirt,” I joked weakly. It seemed like Iris was oblivious to humor, no matter how bad it was. She kicked over a small piece of rubble, sighing. I simply walked in a crooked circle, my hands on my head. Then something coughed.
“Huh?” Iris muttered. Then they coughed a word.
“Where are you?” I yelled.
“Under you,” the person croaked.
I was standing upon a mound of pieces of a former brick wall. I slid off of it ungracefully and began to pull the heavy slabs of wall out of the mound. “Iris, help!” Briskly, she came to my aid. “Iris, this stuff isn’t metal, so I can’t move it with my powers, but can’t you?”
“I can try,” she grunted. Holding out her shaking hands dramatically like a wizard casting a powerful spell, two large chunks of wall launched into the air.
“Excellent!” I said, urging her to go on, despite her weakness. “Now try and get the small stuff, and I’ll try and push off the big stuff.”
“I think I can do the small stuff,” said Iris, “but are you sure you can handle the big pieces?”
No, I thought.
“I’ll try,” I stated. With all the power in my upper body, I pushed, pulled, and shoved a chunk of the brick wall that must have weighed five hundred pounds. I grunted, my arms quivering, my brow shiny with perspiration.
“Shamus? Are you alright?” Iris asked concernedly.
“I think-“ With an impulsive yell, the piece slid off and hit the ground with a dramatic boom! Gasping, I fell on the ground.
“Iris,” said the person under the rubble.
“Shamus, it’s Fin!” I could only moan in response. I lay on the ground, my eyes twitching. I needed water and shade fast. I found it amazing how hot it was…
Fin crawled out from the rubble, scathed but alive and, frankly, more alive than I. “How… how can…” I stammered, but Iris shushed me with a finger to her lips. The only other thing I remember before passing out was being splashed in the face with life, or a substance more commonly known as water.

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